Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pedantic Semantics Around Change

Today, being an historic day, it is worth mentioning the passing of the Health Care Reform Bill. I don't understand all of it's complexities but I have been seeing most of the nation's politics of late, as a large scale game of 3-card Monte or a Shell game of sorts. Keep your eye on the prize and watch very closely.

If you are interested in Shell number 1, you have been let down by the unconstitutionality of "forcing" citizens to pay for a service, unless you call that service "freedom", or the defense fund and then you don't mind being forced to pay for a service, but you call it "taxes". Some of us call it health insurance, and that can also be called "freedom".

If you believe shell number 2 has the prize, you are somewhat elated and relieved that your support and determination paid off and now we may all have health care benefits. You are happy that we all have the freedom to choose. Wait, look closer, if you are a woman and you want to make a reproductive health choice, you still may not have the right shell. That choice may no longer be available to you because the health insurance that you have to pay for, decides what is deemed an appropriate choice, maybe you can pay for an additional plan. Maybe that plan is under shell number 3.

If you want shell number 1, you can yell, "baby killer" if you don't get the right shell, although you are funding wars and supporting the killing of babies, children, and adults. But maybe you believe babies are cute especially the unborn ones. Keep the focus there. You don't generally seem to notice that without the availability of health insurance, many more babies, unborn or otherwise have died or "been killed" if you will, because the access to health care for women has always been disproportionate to men based on issues around gender inequality in the workforce and other little nuances. Women have been denied health insurance because they tend to somehow make those babies, crafty little buggers aren't we? That's a bit expensive for the health care providers and it really isn't right to force other people, like men, for instance, to pay for all those babies is it?

Those darn disproportionate number of men, and a few women in Washington will figure out a way to stay focused on the pedantic semantics of the health care reform bill instead of moving onto the next big issue like bail-outs, bonuses, economic stimulus, debt relief programs to help the economy. Or maybe we can start to focus on green energy, off-shore drilling, nuclear power and wind-power for reducing oil dependency. Oh but that might get us to strengthen our economy and give us a reason to stop wielding our democracy and freedom to gleen capitalist gains for a new tomorrow. Is that possible? Could we be innovative and productive and pave the way for the future? Could we do this and remain true to the democratic ideals and values highlighted in that constitution? Oh, heavenly day, I think we can, but we will all somehow need to get along and give in a bit for the greater good.

I am hopeful that the healthcare reform legislation will create opportunities for continued dialogue about women's health issues and eliminate gender discrimination. I am also hopeful that some of the disruptive and devisive oponents of equality and constitutional rights for all may be exposed and held accountable for their unprofessional and I dare say, "unpatriotic" behavior. That might mean the death threats that are being issued to Democratic Representatives and their families might need to cease and desist.

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