Friday, April 30, 2010

Dreams Delayed...Anyone?

I have always imagined great possibilities for my children. Not specific ones like the cliched dream of having a son or daughter become a doctor, for instance, or the president, perhaps. More the open, far-reaching possibilities. The choosing of college and the program of study, or the possibility of a degree in Liberal Arts. Where might that lead? Travel, exploration, quests, those possibilities.

I have encouraged and supported dreams and delighted in seeing some of the dreams take wing and land on the highest peaks. "Go", I said, "Soar, participate, give and take what is yours". The world, the possibilities limitless.

Of course, I have this idealistic viewpoint and philosophy despite the occasional let downs and unpleasant realities of life. Regular daily functioning still needs to be managed, maintained, washed up, and occasionally thrown away. My husband and I have had the great fortune to be able to foot the bill for our sons tuition. He has had the great fortune to earn a few prestigious awards, scholarships, and honors. All of us have worked very hard to achieve this "good fortune".

We, being proud and pragmatic have decided to offer said son, my van. It's got some years and mileage but I believe it will safely take him to his next destination. A few repairs, a signing over ceremony at DMV, an upgraded but used vehicle for me and we're set. Or so it goes.

The dreams, the wind beneath his wings, the philosophy, all came crashing to a head today. I realized this when the van was fixed and inspected without much of a hitch and nary a cost. I was surprised to be entertaining the thought- ok actually sharing this out loud: "Does anyone have any interest in hiding a big red minivan?" The dreams needn't be dashed, just merely delayed a bit. That drive to New Orleans and approximately 1398.99 miles, or so, a real possibility. Scratch that, a reality.

Fly, fly, fly high against the sky...Thank you, thank you to whoever hides that van.

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