Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zero Tolerance for Sarah Palin’s Subversive Activities and Threats

We live in a time and place where violent acts are carried out and innocent lives are lost. University of Alabama-Huntsville, Northern Illinois University, Virginia Tech, Columbine, and Jonesboro instantly bring to mind the violence and loss of lives of innocent people. Because of these horrific events, safety procedures are carried out in many schools whenever a threat is made public. Yet, Sarah Palin has 20 virtual gun-sights aimed at government officials and violent, militant rhetoric in an effort to rally votes on her internet sites. I believe the outrageousness of Sarah Palin’s recent Facebook page needs to be taken seriously and viewed as threatening. Investigations and Safe Legislative procedures are called upon immediately after a school receives or discovers a potential threat. Students in our public schools are held to higher standards and consequences. Sarah Palin instead, receives media coverage and additional accolades while inciting various hate groups to take action.

As if the Facebook decision wasn’t offensive enough, Palin went on to add "Don't Retreat, Instead - RELOAD!" on her twitter account. When called out on it she weakly defended the statement as a call for “votes, not guns”. I don’t recall ever having to RELOAD bullets, or anything after casting my ballot. I am unclear of the reference. While she may be facing some criticism for these choices, I believe criminal investigations would be more appropriate. The United States Code specifically outlines federally recognized criminal activities related to threats and acts against the government. Read more in United States Code, Title 18, PART I CHAPTER 115 2383. Rebellion or insurrection, 2384. Seditious conspiracy and 2385. Advocating overthrow of Government.
The ground swell of hate crimes and violence that has increased is not only disturbing but it seems to be a threat to our so-called Homeland Security. I believe these actions need to be addressed and dealt with in a more serious manner.

This type of bullying and aggressive behavior is reminiscent of the type of tension and violence perpetuated during the Civil Rights movement, ending in the death of several great leaders. Recent death threats made to Reps. Louise Slaughter and Bart Stupak could surely be related to the militant rallying that Sarah Palin and her like-minded quasi-militia have been making at their tea parties.

Do we need to spend additional monies to defend the nation from internal threats to our national security? Hasn’t everything else been jeopardized enough by the irresponsible spending, war debts and continued expenditures, and bail-outs that Bush relinquished to President Obama? If Sarah Palin and her conservative pit-bulls are truly interested in the greatness of this country, why are they working so diligently to stop its functioning?


Patricia said...

I've been wondering the same things. I don't see how Palin and the rest of those redneck warmongers get away with their subversive statements and activities.

Palin is an extremely dangerous woman in that she and her followers make no secret of their desire to overthrow our government. This goes way beyond freedom of speech. Palin's mindless rhetoric and incendiary propaganda could easily lead to someone being assassinated.

Has Sarah Palin no common sense? How (and why?) do we let her get away with this?

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